Origin Story:

Let’s say AD 1216. The crooked King Henry III was lobbied by the corporations of his day to clearcut the Sherwood forest. This led to mixing of forest rat and city rat fleas which caused an ecological explosion of Yersinia Pestis bacteria and consequently Bubonic plague surged. Thereby as a consequence of this new disease spilling over from tyrant to rat, flea to bacteria, the people as an afterthought perished.

Now it could be anyone of us returns to our hood, where upon finding such devastation… Who amongst us wouldn’t be so heart broken by the consequences wrought that we decide to stand up for our hood and folks and World for that matter with our best tooling?

Thus I believe we all can make a difference, with whatever our tooling happens to be. In my case it was Epidemiology and so The Epinhood. However, with the coming climate emergency no one will have the luxury of just doing one job anymore, and it is coming. Thus in addition to Epidemiology I am also making it my job to help in whatever way I can to mitigate the coming hazards related to the climate emergencies locally as well as abroad in a more limited capacity, because the fury of the coming decades is going to be what ultimately defines our value to the world and generations to follow.