🇭🇹 Bless You — TEH Praying for release of Alix Dorsainvil and daughter

I have loved Haiti 🇭🇹 for 26 years. I have never meet more compassionate and centered people. However, I also saw in some of my friends the hunger, entitlement, strength, and indifference that has lead to these gangs and kidnappings.

Now we have a problem on our hand that will only be solved with significant contribution of peace keeping forces. However the gangs of state departments outside of Haiti are equally recalcitrant and will not send peacekeepers to die for poor people and a few bleeding heart hostages who were willing to sacrifice their lives so Haitian children don’t die from starvation and curable infections and injuries in this crucible.

Here’s what crushes me though, Alix and her husband Sandro and their daughter were as innocent as the millions of others Haitian mothers, fathers, children being abused by these same gangs, and we do so little for any of them. Republicans and Democrats have agreed to do nothing to help.

Yes, I know, the US State Department fired a media flare into the air and told our citizens in Haiti to run the same day. Yes I know Haiti hasn’t held elections in two years, since their president was murdered. I know Dr. Paul is dead. Haiti’s champions are thinning and circling the drain. Half the population, 5 MILLION PEOPLE are starving to death on an island that we know how to protect and feed.

Alix knew all this too and she deserves so much more than this outcome. Haiti deserves more. Toussaint was a liberator, he didn’t abduct the blancs, he was above the colonizers tactics. Haiti has always been better than this, but in no uncertain terms Alix’s kidnapping is much the fault of US 🇺🇸 as it is the collapse of 🇭🇹 ability to protect her while she laid down her life for vulnerable Haitians.

If I could say anything to the gangs that are doing this it’s this. There is no difference between Alix and your own struggles, you are allies, you are both humans and deserve dignity and a nonviolent path out of your nightmare. It’s only be committing this violence against her and your people, that you become nothing more than another nameless

soldier in the Colonizers dammed army.


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