PRO/MENA> Cholera – Sudan (04): increasing incidence, fatal, WHO update / كولير ا – السودان(4): زيادة ا لحالات مميتة تحديث الصحة العالمية

CHOLERA – SUDAN (04): INCREASING INCIDENCE, FATAL, WHO UPDATE / كوليرا – السودان(4): زيادة الحالات مميتة تحديث الصحة العالمية

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Date: Thu 19 Oct 2023
Source: Sudan Tribune [abridged, edited]

At least 1457 suspected cholera cases and 64 associated deaths have been reported from 4 states of Sudan as of 17 Oct 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. This comes after the country declared outbreaks of the disease in Gedaref State on 26 Sep 2023 as well as in Khartoum and South Kordofan states on 7 Oct 2023. Other suspected cases have also been reported from Al-Gezira state.

The outbreak comes at a time that Sudan’s healthcare system is stretched to the limit, with about 70% of hospitals in conflict-affected states non-functional. Also, facilities in the non-conflict-affected states are overwhelmed by the influx of displaced people.

According to the WHO, a visit by partners to a Cholera Isolation Centre in Gedaref Teaching Hospital found that the delayed arrival of patients at hospitals may have contributed to the high number of deaths. In addition, humanitarian agencies have scaled up response to the cholera outbreak.

Surveillance is ongoing in affected and high-risk areas to identify and address risk factors. With support from partners, the Ministry of Health is reportedly coordinating efforts to scale up access to clean water and sanitation facilities, and awareness of transmission risks and proper hygiene practices.

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