PRO/MENA> Crimean-Congo hem. fever – Iraq (07): update / حمي القرم الكنغولية النزفية – ا لعراق (7): تحديث

CRIMEAN-CONGO HEMORRHAGIC FEVER – IRAQ (07): UPDATE / حمي القرم الكنغولية النزفية – العراق (7): تحديث

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Date: Wed 14 Jun 2023
Source: Yaqin News [in Arabic, trans. Mod.NS, edited]محلي/397921

The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that the number of hemorrhagic fever infections in the country during the current year [2023] increased to 192, including 29 deaths.

The ministry attributed the increase in cases to indiscriminate slaughtering, which caused 40% of the cases, and indicated that the country needs 300 slaughterhouses to reduce the random slaughtering.

The veterinary department in the ministry called for the slaughtering during Eid al-Adha [28 Jun 2023] to be in official slaughterhouses and under the supervision of veterinarians and in coordination with the mayors of regions and municipal departments and to prevent slaughtering inside homes.

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