Baseline: PRO/AH/EDR> Nipah virus – Bangladesh (06): (DH)

PRO/AH/EDR> Nipah virus – Bangladesh (06): (DH)


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Date: Mon 13 Feb 2023
Source: The Daily Star [edited]

A 22-year-old youth from Narsingdi, who was infected with Nipah virus,
died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital [DMCH] this evening [13 Feb
2023] while undergoing treatment. [SA] breathed his last at the
hospital’s emergency department around 8:00 p.m., DMCH Director
Brigadier General Nazmul Haque told The Daily Star.

The patient was admitted to the hospital on Friday [10 Feb 2023] with
fever. As his condition deteriorated, doctors suggested Nipah virus
test, and it came out positive in the evening. He died shortly

Hailing from Narsigdi’s Raipura, [SA] was the youngest among 3
siblings. He used to live in Shibpur area with his family.

[RM], brother-in-law of the deceased, said [SA] used to work in a
Chinese company in the area. A few days back, 5 to 6 of friends had
consumed raw date juice.

The relative said [SA] suddenly caught a fever last Thursday [9 Feb
2023]. He was given paracetamol tablets from the local pharmacy. The
next day [10 Feb 2023], the fever worsened, and he became dizzy and
started vomiting. Seeing this condition, he was taken to Narsingdi
Sadar Hospital from where he was sent to DMCH on Friday [10 Feb 2023] night.

With him, at least 11 people were infected with Nipah virus, and of
them 8 people died, according to Institute of Epidemiology, Disease
Control and Research (IEDCR).

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