What if an Epi’s Blog about the only Planet he has ever known and loved mattered?

Regardless, we are in serious trouble. This is not hyperbole, it’s a matter of scientific certainty.  Today, given our current trajectory, not based on what seems, but instead given what is playing out in real-time right before this n=1 human’s perspective. We are closer now to the 4 degree trajectory than we should have ever been and if that is the path we are done. The only way my youngest child will know any of the natural beauty of this majestic blue marble we so cherish today is if we all take our remaining days and become absolutely committed to finding solutions to remove greenhouse matter and energy from the atmosphere and bury it deep. We must also turn to the most vulnerable places and people of this world and do everything in our power to save them from a catastrophe that they didn’t sow and don’t deserve to reap. The time will come in many of our lives when it actually is too late to do it anything but watch and suffer the future we have wrought for the generations to endure, but today is not that day. We can still take up the findings of the latest IPCC report, as confusing as they might have been, and get to the root causes and consequences and ask ourselves will this be the day I decided to really stand up for others and planet earth and sustain the hell out of it with the time I have left?

God, I hope so…

Epidemiology is how I serve Space

and Place

and Time

and Nature

and the People I love

~ as Christ taught