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Date: Tue 7 Mar 2023
Source: Local 10 News [edited]

An outbreak of a highly contagious and life-threatening bacteria has
forced a Miami-Dade County animal shelter to suspend some of its

The shelter at Miami-Dade Animal Services in Doral is filled to the
brim with dogs, and this is having an unanticipated effect on the
4-legged population.

Streptococcus equi zooepidemicus is the name of a bacteria sweeping
through the kennels, and the chief veterinarian for the facility is
fighting against time to treat all 500-plus dogs with antibiotics
inside a facility meant to house only half as many dogs.

“It is a disease spread through respiratory ways, so it’s very easy to
transfer it in a place like a shelter,” said Miami-Dade Animal
Services Chief Veterinarian Maria Serrano. “Dogs having this disease
experience fever, lethargy, and respiratory signs such as nasal
discharge, and sometimes it comes with blood, sneezing, sometimes with

So far, 2 dogs have already died from signs consistent with the
bacteria, and its why folks at the shelter are trying to get the word
out to the community.

“It’s not concerning for the health of people, but it is mostly in the
dogs confined in a shelter environment,” said Serrano.

Because of the outbreak, some public services have been suspended,
such as an on-site wellness clinic focusing on spaying, neutering, and
vaccination services.

Additionally, crews won’t respond to stray dog pick-up requests and
receiving any new pets on-site via drop-off is temporarily off

The shelter is focused on urgently reducing the pet population within
the kennels to curb the threat.

“If anybody can help us, it would be fostering and adopting any of
these dogs,” said Serrano. “Again, all of our population is going to
be treated, so they’re going to be protected.”

[Byline: Terrell Forney]

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