Dr. King and The Good Samaritan

Somewhere along the stretch of road from Jerusalem to Jericho…

“Finally, Dives’ greatest sin was that he accepted the inequalities of circumstance as being the proper conditions of life.”

~Dr. King

If I were to dedicate The Epinhood to anyone other than my family, it would be my penultimate mentor in this world since long before he was popular. Dr. Martin Luther King. Moreover, if I were to distill down my commitment to Dr. King and the mission of The Epinhood it would be the retelling and interweaving of Jesus’s two parables from The Book of Luke about the Good Samaritan and Dives and Lazarus.

How these parables were revolutionary for Dr. King as any student of his writings will be fortunate as I to discover serve as the moral backbone and aortic arch for many of his other transformational messages for empowering a growth trajectory in the heart of the listener from good to great. The legacy marches on thanks to Dr. Carson at SKI, and Lord knows we need these words today more than ever before:

  • “The One-Sided Approach of the Good Samaritan”
  • “On Being a Good Neighbor”
  • “It’s Hard to Be a Christian”
  • “three-dimensions-of-a-complete-life”
  • “tough-mind-and-tender-heart”
  • “ive-been-to-the-mountaintop”
  • “beyond-vietnam”
  • “the-drum-major-instinct”
  • “the-impassable-gulf”
  • ”Why Jesus Called a Man a Fool”