The Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) is a program developed by NASA to study and understand the effects of the Sun’s radiation on our climate and environment. Launched in 2003, SORCE has been able to provide accurate measurements of the amount and types of radiation the Sun emits, which is crucial in developing models for predicting future climate patterns. With its suite of sensors and instruments, SORCE provides important data that helps scientists better understand the links between solar activity, Earth’s atmosphere, and climate change.

Since its launch, SORCE has been instrumental in investigating important topics such as the long-term behavior of the Sun’s radiation, its impact on climate change, and the effects of solar changes on our planet’s ozone layer. The program has been a crucial component of NASA’s Earth Science research efforts, contributing greatly to our understanding of Earth’s complex climate and environment. Despite being in operation for several years, SORCE remains an important tool for scientists as they strive to better understand our planet and its relationship with the Sun.