Notes from Angry Weather to Simmer On (written Dr. Fredricke Otto, Environmental Attribution Scientist, TEH has officially designated an EpiSaint)

The anthropogenic climate change to climate emergency continuum that is imperiling the majority so a few can be extremely wealthy is largely a communication crises.

Consider if the threat is always global mean temperature is predicted to rise by a one, two, even three degrees in 30 years!!!!!

Or we must completely change everything we know about about powering our lives today to reduce net-zero emissions in 30 years to zero because we’re the 🇺🇸.

When the truth is as Dr. Otto is making plain:

“we do not live in continental averages, we live in cities and villages, tropical regions and arid zones, mountains and valleys. It is in our local areas where we need to deal with the manifestations of climate change and where decisions are made on developing a region and implementing adaptation measures. If we are to reduce risk and build resilient systems, we must have the scientific evidence explaining our particular manifestation when this evidence is needed most—in the immediate aftermath of events, when key decisions are made about rebuilding, relocation, and recovery at a local level. And we must have it where it is needed most—in the most vulnerable regions, where events cause the largest impacts”

Excerpt From
Angry Weather
Friederike Otto & Sarah Pybus
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