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Date: Wed 25 Oct 2023
Source: India Today NE [edited]

Manipur government on 25 Oct 2023 banned the consumption of pork
products after new cases of African swine fever (ASF) were detected,
leaving many pig farmers in financial loss, an official said.

As per notification, the ASF disease, which was confined to Imphal
city in the initial stage, has spread to other districts of the state.
The deadly disease is located at Central Agricultural University in
Imphal in the 2nd week of this month [October 2023]. Later, the
disease spread to valley districts and some other hill districts of

The government has already announced the precautionary measure due to
the spread of disease, and the consumption of meat items from piggery
[farms] has already halted in the state.

The Bishnupur district administration has announced that the disease
has been detected in a [farm] located in the district. Thoubal
district administration has also announced the spreading of disease in
the district.

[Byline: Jon Suante]

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