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Date: Tue 8 Aug 2023
Source: The Scottish Sun [edited]

A Bird Flu outbreak has been confirmed at a Scots farm.

Scotland’s Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed “highly pathogenic
Avian Influenza” was found on the property.

The farm, known as Mill of Towie, near Buckie in Moray, has since been
declared as infected.

Boffins believe the disease is currently on the farm or has been there
in the past 56 days.

A 3 km [1.9 mi] protection zone and a 10 km [6.2 mi] surveillance zone
have been established around the farm.

Strict biosecurity measures are also in place.

It comes just weeks after an outbreak along the Aberdeenshire
coastline saw over 2000 dead birds wash up on a beach in less than a

Locals described the scenes as being “like a horror film.”

Bird Flu is also known as Avian Influenza, and is a rare virus that
mostly spreads among birds — but it can sometimes affect humans too.

It is similar to the normal influenza which typically affects humans
each year.

It’s also not too different from swine flu, which sparked a global
pandemic over 10 years ago after it started spreading rapidly.

No people in Britain have ever been infected by the avian flu — but
outbreaks in other countries have seen fatalities.

The virus spreads to humans when they touch infected birds, come into
contact with their droppings, or when infected poultry is killed and

To avoid catching the flu, people should wash their hands before and
after handling raw poultry and make sure to cook all bird meat

[Byline: Harry Williamson]

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