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Date: Mon 14 Aug 2023
Source: Poultry World [edited]

Belarussian authorities have banned poultry exports to all countries
except China, justifying the step as a need to fully meet domestic
market demand. However, several anonymous market players told the
Russian newspaper Kommersant that the real reason is a series of bird
flu outbreaks reportedly registered in the country.

Two sources said several Belarussian poultry farms had recently been
hit with a bird flu outbreak. Their scale and location remain unknown
since the Belarussian authorities do not disclose official
information. Still, the source believed that the outbreaks could have
dragged down broiler meat production in the country.

In turn, the Belarussian Association of meat processors issued a
statement that justified the restrictions with an anticipated rise in
demand during the II Games of the CIS countries, a series of regional
sports events to be held in 11 Belarussian cities in August [2023].
The inflow of athletes from several neighbouring countries and their
supporters could cause a temporary hike in demand.

A purely economic rationale behind the restrictions could not be
completely ruled out. Albina Koryagina, a partner with the think tank
NEO Centre, recalled that last autumn, the Belarussian government also
banned poultry and dairy exports after Belarussian President Alexander
Lukashenko demanded the government work strenuously to keep food
inflation at bay.

Russia is braced for turbulence

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