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Date: Wed 13 Sep 2023
Source: CIDRAP [edited]

Argentina’s National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa)
yesterday [12 Sep 2023] reported new detections of highly pathogenic
H5 avian influenza in marine mammals from Chubut province in the south
of the country, including the first positive detection in a sea

The animals — including both sea elephants and sea lions — were
found dead in 3 of the province’s coastal cities: Comodoro Rivadavia,
Rada Tilly, and Punta Tombo. The event marks Argentina’s 10th
involving sea lions.

Other countries in the Americas and elsewhere have recently reported
avian flu in marine mammals, and scientists are closely tracking the
events to assess if the animals are contracting the virus from
infected wild birds or if they are passing the virus among themselves,
which might be a sign that the virus is becoming more transmissible
among mammals.

[Byline: Lisa Schnirring]

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