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[1] North Carolina (Wake County): dog
Date: Fri 6 Oct 2023
Source: ABC11 News [abridged, edited]

The Wake County Animal Center is closing its center in Raleigh due to
a recent outbreak of dog flu. According to the animal center, 2 dogs
tested positive for canine influenza (dog flu) and died due to the
illness. The center said 57 dogs have been diagnosed with upper
respiratory infections since 15 Sep 2023.

The number of dog flu cases has been rising, the animal center said.
Veterinarians across North Carolina reported that many dogs are
picking up the illness after stays at boarding or daycare facilities.

Wake County Animal Center Director Jennifer Federico says adoptions
will be paused during the quarantine period, and the October Pit Bull
adoption special has been canceled. Community Pet Days have also been
canceled, and owners will not be able to surrender any animals during
the closure.

The shelter will close Friday [6 Oct 2023] for at least 35 days to
contain the outbreak.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is
no evidence of transmission of dog flu from animals to people. There
has never been a reported case of human infection with canine

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