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Date: Fri 28 Jul 2023
Source: Sahara Media – Mauritania [in Arabic, trans., edited]

Today, Friday [28 Jul 2023], the Mauritanian Ministry of Health
announced the death of a person due to Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
after it was discovered that he was infected during his treatment in a
neighboring country for another health condition.

The director general of Public Health, Muhammad Mahmoud Ould Eal
Mahmoud, said that the Epidemiological Monitoring and Investigation
Services have identified the case’s contacts and placed them under
control, “and they are now in a good health and their condition is

He stressed that this “is the 1st human case of this disease to be
recorded with a Mauritanian citizen during the current year [2023].”

He explained that the ministry has dispatched missions to investigate
animals that could be a source of fever, to treat them and take the
required measures in this regard.

Mauritania had announced the discovery of the 1st case of hemorrhagic
fever in February of last year [2022], but the Ministry of Health
confirmed that the emergence of cases is not “alarming”, and it occurs
every year in Mauritania.

At the time, the ministry said that the total number of infections as
a result of [Crimean-Congo] hemorrhagic fever reached 5: 3 cases were
cured, and 2 cases died as a result of the fever.

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever is one of the most dangerous
hemorrhagic fevers known, and the World Health Organization says that
the virus that causes this fever is transmitted to humans from ticks
and livestock animals, while it is transmitted from one person to
another as a result of direct contact with the blood, secretions,
organs, or other body fluids of the infected person.

[Byline: Sidi Mohamed Shamad]

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