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[1] MOH announcement
[2] Wasit governorate: livestock entry ban

[1] MOH announcement
Date: Tue 23 May 2023
Source: Takadum News [in Arabic, machine trans., edited]

Today, Tuesday [23 May 2023], the Ministry of Health announced the
number of infections and deaths due to [Crimean-Congo] hemorrhagic
fever, while identifying the most affected governorate.

“The last official statistic of [Crimean-Congo] hemorrhagic fever
recorded since the beginning of this year 2023 in Iraq amounted to 128
cases, including 18 deaths,” said the ministry’s spokesman, Saif
Al-Badr, in a statement to the official agency, noting that “most of
the infections and deaths are concentrated in Dhi Qar governorate.”

He added, “The role of the Ministry of Health is the early detection
of infected people, so if the disease is at an early stage, the
possibility of recovery is very high, but if the infected person is
late in visiting health institutions, the possibility of death is very

He explained that “the primary role in combating hemorrhagic fever
lies with the Ministry of Agriculture through combating the tick
insect that transmits the disease,” calling on the Ministries of
Interior and Municipalities to “address the issue of random grazing
and improper transportation of animals between cities and

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