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Date: Sat 2 Sep 2023
Source: Pajhwok Afghan News [abridged, edited]

Nearly 950 people tested positive for Congo Virus during the past 8
months out of which 96 patients died, an official said on Saturday [2
Sep 2023].

Dr. Fakhruddin, head of the Zoonosis Disease Department at the
Ministry of Public Health, told Pajhwok Afghan News 949 people have
been infected with Congo virus since the start of 2023 and 96 patients
died from the virus. …

He said most positive cases were registered in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar,
Balkh, Faryab and Jawzjan provinces while some people also got
infected in other provinces as well.

He urged residents to follow precautionary health measures by wearing
special uniform, mask and cloves during animal slaughtering and meat

He also said: “If you suffer from fever, bleeding then refer quickly
to health centre in order to prevent the spread of Congo.”

According to a separate Pajhwok Report, the Public Health Ministry had
said 159 positive Congo cases were registered nationwide during the
1st 3 days of Eid-ul Adha; 25 patients died from the virus.

[Byline: Vida Qalandari]

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