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[1] Iraq
Date: Mon 11 Sep 2023
Source: Baghdad Today – Iraq [in Arabic, machine trans., edited]

A government official announced today, Monday (11 Sep 2023), that a
new case of hemorrhagic fever had been recorded in an agricultural
village on the border between Diyala and Baghdad governorates.

The director of Bani-Saad district (22 km [13.7 mi] southwest of
Baqubah), Najm Al-Saadi, said in an interview with Baghdad Today that
“health teams detected a new case of hemorrhagic fever in a woman in
the village of Al-Saada on the administrative border between Diyala
and Baghdad.”

He added: “The veterinary teams have begun taking preventive measures
to avoid the spread of infections to other areas according to the
approved contexts.”

Meanwhile, the director of the veterinary hospital in Diyala, Ibtisam
Mohamed, indicated that a preventive ban was imposed on the entry and
exit of livestock and sheep within a radius of 15 km [9.3 mi] within
the infection area for a period of 2 weeks to avoid the transmission
of any possible infection outside the area.

She added that “the total number of infections in Diyala reached 16
during 2023, most of whom recovered after being transferred to Baquba
Teaching Hospital to receive treatment.”

Deaths among those infected with hemorrhagic fever continue to be
announced in a number of Iraqi governorates during the past few days.

In the latest figures, the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan
Regional Government of Iraq announced a few days ago that 2 deaths had
been recorded in Erbil Governorate, while Kirkuk Governorate in the
north of the country recorded one death on Saturday [9 Sep 2023],
calling on citizens to be careful and not to buy meat of unknown
origin, and to avoid mixing with livestock.

This raises alarm, according to experts, who warn that the disease,
which was limited to a number of governorates such as Dhi Qar
[Governorate] in the south of the country, has begun to spread
throughout all regions of the country.

In the latest statistics revealed by the Iraqi Ministry of Health,
about a week ago, the Ministry confirmed that hemorrhagic fever cases
in the country [the following numbers appear to be for a governorate,
not the country as a whole – Mod.JH] had reached 139 since the
beginning of this year [2023], including 20 deaths, calling on the
Ministries of Interior and Municipalities to “address the issue of
grazing, random slaughter, and improper transportation of animals
between cities and provinces.”

What is hemorrhagic fever?

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