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In this update:
[1] Suspected sources
[2] Spread, control

[1] Suspected sources
Date: Wed 17 May 2023
Source: KBS World [edited]

The government believes the latest cases of foot-and-mouth disease
[FMD] afflicting livestock in the country since 10 May [2023] originated from Southeast Asia.

The agriculture ministry said on Wednesday [17 May 2023] that an
analysis of the virus strain from the latest cases was found to be
98.9% similar to the virus detected in Viet Nam, Cambodia, and other
parts of the region.

While the entry route of the virus has yet to be confirmed, the
ministry said that a related epidemiological study is underway.

Officials downplayed the chance of a nationwide transmission, as 98.2%
of farm-bred cattle have been vaccinated and have formed antibodies.

Cattle movement in the affected regions of the central Chungcheong
city of Cheongju, county of Jeungpyeong, and 7 nearby cities and
counties have been banned for 2 weeks through 30 May [2023].

Authorities will also reinforce inspections of livestock products
entering the country from Southeast Asia and other regions reporting
the disease.

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