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Date: Fri 11 Aug 2023
Source: Bío Bío Chile (bbcl)- [in Spanish, machine trans., edited]

The Health Authority confirmed the 6th case of hantavirus [infection ] in the La Araucanía region so far in 2023, corresponding to a child
under 11 years of age.

On this Friday [11 Aug 2023], a new case of hantavirus [infection] was
confirmed in the La Araucanía region. Specifically, it is the 6th
case in the region so far this year [2023].

The information was delivered to Radio Bío Bío by the Health Seremi
[Secretariat Regional Ministerial de Salud – Regional Health
Secretariat], Andrés Cuyul, who pointed out that the contagion was
confirmed after tests in the Temuco Regional Hospital laboratory.

In turn, it was noted that the case in question corresponds to an
11-year-old boy, a resident of a rural sector of Cunco.

In this sense, it was specified that the infection of the minor could
have happened in the vicinity of his home. At this point, the child
usually performs recreational activities after finishing their school

In addition, the Health Authority pointed out that the minor’s
symptoms began to appear on 1 Aug [2023], manifesting with severe
headaches, fever of up to 39 deg [C] [102 deg F], and also vomiting.

Currently, the 11-year-old boy is [in] stable [condition] inside the
ICU of the Temuco Regional Hospital.

[Byline: Manuel Cabrera]

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