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[1] Honduras (Cortés)
[2] Nicaragua: increase

[1] Honduras (Cortés)
Date: Sat 13 May 2023 8:53 AM CST
Source: Proceso Digitial [in Spanish, machine trans., edited]

The coordinator of Health Surveillance in Villanueva, Cortés, Daniela
Mejía, reported an increase in cases of leishmaniasis in the north of
the country.

In May [2023] alone there have been 20 cases of the disease
transmitted by the bite of infected female sandflies, popularly known
as “palomillas o plumía,” which have to ingest blood to produce

Dr Mejía reported that 84 cases were reported in 2022, while in 2021
a higher number of 112 cases was reported.

Symptoms of the disease are shortness of breath, skin sores that may
develop into a skin ulcer that heal very slowly; stuffy, runny, and
bleeding nose; ulcers and erosion in the mouth, tongue, gums, lips,
nose, and nasal septum.

This condition is mostly registered in rural areas of the country, so
the doctor invites the population to consult health centers if they
suspect they have contracted the disease.

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