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Date: Thu 2 Nov 2023 21:25 IST
Source: The Hindu [edited]

The health department in Kozhikode has issued an alert against
leptospirosis in the district in the wake of a rise in the number of
patients and deaths in October [2023]. Kallai, Beypore, and Nadakkavu
are some of the places where the number of patients is high.

Those venturing out into muddy waters should take doxycycline, the
preventive tablet, as they are at high risk of contracting the
infection. The District Medical Officer said the tablets were
available for free at all government hospitals. Those who have
symptoms such as high fever, headache, severe body pain, joint pain,
and redness in eyes should immediately consult a doctor.

Health officials said self-medication should be strictly avoided as
proper treatment was available for leptospirosis.

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