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Date: Tue 23 May 2023
Source: Outbreak News Today [edited]

An additional case of Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE) has been
confirmed in Western Australia, according to health officials last
week [week of 15 May 2023].

The adult was most likely to have been exposed to infected mosquitoes
while travelling from the Pilbara through coastal parts of the West
Kimberley in late April/early May.

The case is receiving care in hospital.

This is the 4th confirmed case of MVE reported in WA since 2018 and
the 3rd reported this year [2023]. Throughout Australia, there have
been 14 confirmed cases of MVE in 2023.

Department of Health Managing Scientist Dr Andrew Jardine said, “while
the risk of getting infected and becoming sick was low, the illness
caused by MVE could be severe and even deadly. A Western Australian
child has died from MVE this year [2023].”

Dr Jardine warned that in young children, fever might be the only
early sign of infection.

“Parents should see their doctor or local health service if concerned,
particularly if their child experiences drowsiness, floppiness,
irritability, poor feeding, or general distress,” he said.

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