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Date: Mon 14 Aug 2023
Source: Shafaq News – Iraq [in Arabic, machine trans., edited]

The Poultry Breeders Association in the Kurdistan Region [of Iraq] revealed on Monday [14 Aug 2023] that more than 4 million chickens
have died in [past] 3 months due to a viral epidemic, calling on the
Ministry of Agriculture in the region to visit Baghdad immediately to
[discuss the] combat [of] this epidemic.

The head of the association, Nazim Abdullah Al-Jaf, told Shafaq News
agency, “Diseases pose the most serious threat to poultry fields in
Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and currently, Newcastle disease is
spreading day after day, and it has so far spread to 60% of the
poultry fields in the region and has led to the death of more than 4
million chickens.”

He added, “The Kurdistan Regional Government is indifferent to the
poultry sector, although it contributed to maintaining food security,”
considering that “if there is [a] weakness in the poultry sector, then
it indicates the weakness of the government.”

He pointed out that “in addition to the losses caused by diseases,
there are other losses represented in being prevented by the federal
government from exporting chicken to central and southern Iraq, so I
ask all members of the Iraqi Parliament to talk about this issue and
solve this problem,” calling on the Ministry of Agriculture in the
region to go to Baghdad to find a solution to the problems faced by
the poultry sector.

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