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Date: Sat 12 Aug 2023
Source: Xinhua [in Chinese, machine trans., edited]

The reporter learned from the Health and Health Committee of Sunid
Right Banner, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, that
on 7 Aug [2023], a confirmed case of plague was reported in Sonid
Right Banner. At present, the patient has been treated in a designated
hospital, and close contacts have been quarantined and controlled in a
timely manner as required. No abnormalities have occurred, and work
related to the epidemic situation is being carried out in an orderly

Experts remind the public: strictly follow the requirements of the “3
no’s and 3 reports” for plague prevention and control; avoid contact
with wild animals; do not hunt, do not strip food, do not carry the
animals and their products out of the epidemic area; report sick
(dead) rats and other animals that are found; report patients
suspected of plague or patients with high fever and sudden death of
unknown causes; and, at the same time, take measures to prevent flea
bites. If symptoms such as fever, cough, and lymph node pain occur,
seek medical treatment promptly and avoid taking public

[Responsible editor: Wu Jingze]

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