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Date: Tue 27 Jun 2023
Source: Akipress [edited]

The head of the public relations department of the National Center for
Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Enkhbayaryn Dulmaa, announced that a
patient in critical condition with suspected bubonic plague was
admitted to the regional hospital of Gobi-Altai aimag (province) of
Mongolia, located on the border with China.

A 21-year-old young man was sent to the regional hospital from Bugat
settlement in Gobi-Altai province on [Sun 26 Jun 2023], TASS said with
reference to the department head. He was found to have a number of
symptoms of bubonic plague, including a high fever. As many as 40
people who contacted him have been isolated. The results of the
analysis for bubonic plague have not yet been received, so the final
diagnosis is not yet confirmed.

Doctors assess the condition of the young man as critical. An
infection control regime has been introduced at the regional hospital.
The special commission on emergency situations, which held a meeting
on the night of [26 to 27 Jun 2023], decided to introduce a 6-day high
alert regime in the region.

The high alert regime assumes that the entry and exit of people
outside Bugat settlement and province will be limited from [27 Jun
2023] and the next 6 days. The sale of alcoholic beverages will be
temporarily prohibited. All medical institutions located in the region
are transferred to high alert mode.

The National Center for Zoonotic Diseases reported the discovery of
137 natural foci of bubonic plague in 17 regions of Mongolia on [23
Jun 2023]. Mongolian Minister of Health Sodnomyn Chinzorig attributed
the risk of an outbreak of zoonotic infections to the active
development of animal husbandry in the country.

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