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Date: Mon 26 Jun 2023 12:59 PDT
Source: KYMA KECY [edited]

The Imperial County [California] Public Health Department (ICPHD)
announced that a local mosquito pool had tested positive for St Louis
encephalitis (SLE) [virus]. The mosquito pool was identified in the
City of Imperial on South E Street.

“As the weather warms up, mosquitoes become more active, which
increases the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. These diseases can be
serious, so it is important that individuals protect themselves from
mosquito bites,” stated Stephen Munday, MD, Health Officer. “Residents
are encouraged to take steps to eliminate any standing water on their
property that could serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

The Public Health Department’s Vector Control Program has set 52
mosquito traps placed in areas throughout the county within city

“Our agency will continue monitoring disease activity and treat
affected areas,” said Jeff Lamoure, Deputy Director of Environmental
Health. “Although the positive mosquitoes were collected in a specific
area, all county residents should take precautions, like wearing
insect repellent and minimizing outdoor activity at dusk and dawn,
when mosquitoes are most active.”

[Byline: Jailene Aguilera]

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