PRO/AH/EDR> West Nile virus (13): Europe (Serbia) comorbidities


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[1] Date: Tue 15 Aug 2023
Source: Radio Television Serbia (RTS) [in Serbian, machine trans.,

In Serbia, 24 people fell ill with West Nile fever, the Institute for
Public Health “Milan Jovanović Batut” announced.

They fell ill from the territories of Juznobački, Zapadnobački,
Severnobački, Severnobanatski, Južnobanatski, Sremski,
Srednjobanatski, Kolubarski, Nišavski district and Belgrade.

Among them is one person who arrived from Germany.

The patients are predominantly male, the average age is 63, and most
of them had some comorbidity — most often diabetes and hypertension.

Most of the registered cases have some form of neuroinvasive form of
the disease — meningitis or encephalitis, and are being treated in

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