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Date: Wed 11 Oct 2023
Source: AA [edited]

West Nile virus has caused the death of at least 20 people so far this
year [2023] in Greece, the country’s public health body announced on
Tuesday [10 Oct 2023].

Some 115 cases of infections, out of 157 in total, led to central
nervous system manifestations such as encephalitis and/or meningitis
and/or acute flaccid paralysis, the National Public Health
Organization (EODY) added in a statement. It noted that all 20
fatalities were over 64 years old.

The West Nile virus is generally transmitted to people by the bite of
an infected mosquito. Most people infected with the virus have only
mild, flu-like symptoms that last a few days.

Around 1/5 of the infected people develop West Nile fever, whose most
common symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, swollen lymph
glands, and skin rash.

[Byline: Ahmet Gencturk]

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