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Date: Wed 30 Aug 2023
Source: Outbreak News Today [edited]

The Ministry of Health in Chad officially declared an outbreak of
dengue fever on 15 Aug 2023.

From 3 to 27 Aug 2023, a total 47 suspected cases, including 26
confirmed cases and one death, of dengue fever were reported in 3
provinces, namely, Ouaddaï/Abeche (n = 28), Wadi Fira/Biltine (n =
11), and N’Djamena (n = 8).

Ouaddaï Province, which is the epicenter of this outbreak, located in
the eastern part of the country and bordering the Republic of Sudan,
is one of the largest among the 23 health provinces of Chad. The
province is the most affected by the Sudan crisis, accounting for
82.7% of all refugees arriving in Chad. In addition, the district is
facing various disease outbreaks, including malaria.

The World Health Organization said confirming this outbreak in the
Abeche [capital of Ouaddaï Province] district, home to a population
of many refugees from Sudan, raises concerns. The risk of transmission
among this population is considerably high due to the challenging
living conditions in the refugee camps. Furthermore, the district is
currently facing outbreaks of other diseases, such as malaria and
measles, which could strain the district’s ability to effectively
address the dengue outbreak.

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