PRO/EAFR> Meningitis, meningococcal – Niger: (Zinder) update


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Date: Sun 6 Aug 2023
Source: Africa CDC Weekly Event Based Surveillance Report [edited]

Since the last update, the MoH reported 1626 new cases (214 confirmed,
1412 suspected) and 99 new deaths (CFR: 9.8%) of bacterial meningitis.
Cumulatively, 2185 cases (325 confirmed, 1860 suspected) and 129
deaths (CFR: 5.4%) have been reported from 11 health districts in
Zinder region, Southern Niger.

Laboratory confirmation was made by the isolation of Neisseria
serotype C from samples collected from symptomatic cases.

Response by MS/Partners:
The MoH conducted reactive vaccination campaigns with trivalent
meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine in all affected health districts.
Additionally, risk communication and community engagement activities
are ongoing in close collaboration with community leaders in the
affected and neighboring districts.

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