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Date: Thu 14 Sep 2023 17:45 CDT
Source: THV 11 Digital [edited]

The Arkansas Department on Health (ADH) announced on Thursday [14 Sep
2023] that an Arkansan has died from a rare infection, which targets
the brain tissue. According to ADH, the resident died from Naegleria
, which causes brain swelling and can be deadly as it destroys
brain tissue.

Following an investigation by ADH, which included testing and
inspection, it was determined that the person was likely exposed to
the infection at the Country Club of Little Rock splash pad. The
health department said that it sent multiple samples from the splash
pad and pool to the CDC.

Following the submission of the sample, the CDC confirmed that one of
the splash pad samples had “viable Naegleria fowleri.” The remaining
samples are still pending, according to ADH.

ADH said that it has been in contact with the Country Club of Little
Rock and that there’s no ongoing risk to the public due to the
exposure. The department shared that Naegleria fowleri cannot be
spread from person to person, nor can it infect people through
swallowing. The brain-eating amoeba lives in soil and warm freshwater
but can also be found in pools and splash pads that aren’t maintained

According to ADH, the last case of Naegleria fowleri in Arkansas was
2013. The department also shared that the infection usually impacts
only 3 Americans per year, but that the cases are typically fatal.

ADH said that the Country Club of Little Rock has since closed its
pool and splash pad and that both remain closed at the time.

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