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Date: Mon 7 Aug 2023
Source: Media Indonesia [in Indonesian, machine trans., edited]

A resident of Sukakarya Village, Samarang District, Garut Regency,
West Java, died positive of diphtheria. This case came to the
attention of the local government because it was the 1st finding [of
diphtheria] after several months during which no diphtheria was found.
Head of the Garut District Health Office, Leli Yuliani, said that his
party found one resident who had died of diphtheria infection based on
the symptoms that appeared.

The 24-year-old female patient received treatment, but her life was
not saved. “The symptoms of the patient who received treatment led to
diphtheria, and we have carried out the test, but the results have not
come out, and the patient has died. However, we have screened the
patient’s close contacts, especially by giving prophylaxis, but the
results showed no symptoms,” he said on Monday (7 Aug 2023).

Garut District Health Office will continue to carry out screening in
Sukakarya Village and intensify basic vaccinations, especially for
children. However, previously, the government of Garut Regency
determined diphtheria cases as extraordinary events (KLB) in Cilegong
Village, Sukahurip Village, Pangatikan District.

“The Garut Regency Government previously designated diphtheria cases
as extraordinary events (KLB) until the incident reappeared, and the
health service will try to continue handling it so that the case does
not become an epidemic. This is because the diphtheria disease that
occurred before in Cilegong Village, Sukahurip Village, Pangatikan
District, caused 8 people to die, and tens of others were confirmed
positive,” he said.

Deputy Regent of Garut Helmi Budiman said that the diphtheria case in
Sukahurip Village, Pangatikan District, should be a concern, and the
community has been more vigilant because officers from the health
service team have gone directly to the field to handle it. The
community is asked to respond if the team is conducting an

“Diphtheria can be handled, and the method is through immunization
because it is the best effort so that cases can be handled. However,
the Garut Regency Government is also ready to set up a treatment room
at Dr. Slamet Garut Hospital so that many diphtheria cases found can
be handled optimally,” he said

According to him, the Garut Regency Government will seek to consult
with the West Java Provincial Government and the Ministry of Health
(Kemenkes) to carry out further treatment. “If it is not handled
properly, this disease can continue to spread so that it can pose a
serious threat to society,” he concluded.

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