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Date: Fri 22 Sep 2023 18:02 CST
Source: Telediario, Costa Rica [in Spanish, machine trans., abridged,

Cases of malaria continue to appear in Costa Rica. Therefore, the
Ministry of Health made the decision to carry out monitoring in the
southern area. The work will take place during the weekend of 23-24
Sep 2023, in the Bahía Ballena district in Osa, due to the detection
of 8 cases. There were 4 women and 4 men, of which 7 are hospitalized
in stable condition and already have the respective medical evaluation
and are receiving timely treatment.

Officials from the Ministry of Health, together with the Costa Rican
Social Security Fund (CCSS), will be in charge of various tasks, in
order to combat the increase in malaria cases.
– Visit house to house in search of people with possible symptoms to
perform a rapid test.
– Administer treatment immediately for those confirmed with a positive
diagnosis and their cohabitants.
– Treat mosquito breeding sites.
– Delivery of mosquito nets impregnated with long-lasting insecticide
– Strengthen passive surveillance in health centers through the
provision of rapid malaria tests (RDT) to apply to all suspected

After epidemiological week 35, the Ministry of Health, through the
Health Surveillance Directorate, counted 452 cases of malaria
nationwide. Of these, 369 were classified as indigenous, 59 imported,
4 introduced, 4 relapsed and the rest are currently under
investigation for final classification. On the other hand, the Brunca
Region has a total of 34, where it is suspected that the last 8
occurred due to local transmission of the parasite.

[Byline: Indira Zúñiga]

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