PRO/EDR> Measles update (40): Kyrgyzstan, fatal


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Date: Mon 14 Aug 2023
Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty [edited]

A measles outbreak in Kyrgyzstan has led to the deaths of 2 unrelated
children, aged 3 and 1, over the past 6 months, officials said on 14
Aug 2023. Both fatalities resulted from the refusal of vaccinations by
the children’s parents, who cited religious beliefs, officials said.
The Health Ministry reported a total of 1704 confirmed cases this year
[2023]. The surge in cases extends to other former Soviet republics,
with Russia reporting more than 5000 cases, Kazakhstan at least 3000,
and Tajikistan with 528 cases since the beginning of the year [2023].
Measles is a preventable but highly contagious disease that can kill a
child or leave it disabled for life.

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