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[1] Date: Tue 12 Sep 2023 1:20 AM IST
Source: [edited]

Cases of measles are increasing in Dakshina Kannada (DK) district
[Karnataka state]. Close to 150 cases are already recorded. The health
department is trying to control the spread of the disease through
2nd-phase Mission Indradhanush [an immunization campaign].

It was assumed that measles are seen only in children. However, this
year [2023] it has affected youth also. In addition, the pace of
spreading is faster than that of COVID. This has become a challenge to
the health department.

Last year [2022], 81 people got admitted to hospitals in DK due to
measles. However, this year [2023], as per stats on 1st week of
September [2023], 299 people are admitted to hospital and 141 cases of
measles were confirmed. A total of 8 cases of rubella are also
reported. Last year [2022] in Mangaluru [a major industrial port city
in the state], out of 40, 2 people had tested positive for measles.
This year [2023] out of 176 cases, 76 measles cases were confirmed.

The affected people include a 10-month-old baby as well as a
33-year-old youth. The blood test for measles is undertaken at only 2
places in Karnataka. That is why the test reports are getting

Dr Rajesh, DK health officer said, “Cases of measles are on the rise.
Laziness to take vaccine is worsening the situation. We are making
people aware to take 2 doses of vaccines. However, many take only one
and delay in taking the 2nd one. That is why the cases are increasing.
We are holding vaccination campaign too.”

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