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Date: Wed 17 May 2023
Source: Milenio [in Spanish, trans., edited]

The Secretary of Health of Tamaulipas indicated that there will be a
meeting where the team that will investigate cases of probable
meningitis in patients who had surgery in 2 clinics in Matamoros will
be formed. Among epidemiologists, some have already supported the
health crisis that occurred in Durango [Mexico] last year [2022].

In an interview for MILENIO Televisión, the Secretary of Health,
Vicente Joel Hernández Navarro, reiterated that so far there are 8
cases, of which one died. Of that total, 5 are patients from the
United States and are stable, as reported by the Texas Department of
Health. The remaining 3 are from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, [Mexico]. All
of them are undergoing an investigation process to conclude the
diagnosis and confirm whether it is meningitis.

He reiterated that they are in the intentional search for more than
100 patients who underwent surgery in these clinics that have already
been suspended.

“From the United States, they agreed to send me the conclusive data of
the cases at the time, and we are reviewing clinical records and we
are doing an intentional search of the rest of the people who were
operated on from February [2023] to date, especially in recent weeks
to see if they don’t have any symptoms.” He added that so far 3 people
from the town [Matamoros] have been reported to the Tamaulipas

Vicente Joel Navarro pointed out that the team that will review this
situation will be formed in a meeting. “The team, who will be […] experts and epidemiologists, will be determined.” Some of the members,
he said, were part of the team that reviewed the situation in Durango
[Mexico] last year [2022], where there was an outbreak of meningitis,
mainly in women who gave birth.

In the investigation, he explained, all hospitals, medications that
were used, the medical preparation of the personnel will be reviewed,
and he said that it is very hasty to establish if it is a situation
similar to what happened in Durango and Coahuila last year [2022].

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