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Date: Fri 19 May 2023
Source: Outbreak News Today [edited]

The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) reported this week that in
2022, 13 cases of congenital syphilis (exclusive of Philadelphia),
which is the highest number reported in Pennsylvania since 1990.

There has been a significant increase in overall reported early
syphilis cases in females. In 2022 cases for Pennsylvania (exclusive
of Philadelphia) increased 32% from 238 cases reported in 2021 to 314
cases reported in 2022. Of the 314 female cases of early syphilis
reported in 2022, 86% of the cases were reported in females of
reproductive age, ages 15-44.

In 2022, Pennsylvania (exclusive of Philadelphia) reported a total of
1600 cases of early syphilis which represents the highest number of
syphilis cases since 1990.

DOH recommends that pregnant individuals be offered a test for
syphilis 3 times – at the 1st prenatal visit, the 3rd trimester of
pregnancy, and at the delivery of a child or a stillborn child.

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