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Date: Tue 23 May 2023 11:32 AM IST
Source: The New Indian Express, Express News Service [edited]

Panic gripped residents of Patrapur block in Ganjam district after an
unidentified disease reportedly claimed the life of a 3-year-old child
besides affecting 20 others in the area within the last 3 days. The
deceased minor [resided in] Titirisingi village in Ankuli panchayat.
Of the affected, 9 are children aged 4 to 7 years; the rest are

Sources said the victims showed symptoms of high fever and weakness.
It has meanwhile spread to Buratal and Tumba panchayats as well.
President of Adivasi Dadan Rajmistri Nirmana Sangh Ganesh Karji
complained that since the villages are situated in hilly areas, health
services do not reach them. Health officials of Patrapur CHC
[Community Health Centre] led by Dr Sambit Begroy meanwhile reached
the affected villages on Monday [22 May 2023] to take stock of the
situation. “Blood samples have been collected to ascertain the cause
of the disease,” said Dr Begroy adding, medicines have been
distributed to the victims.

Owing to poor road connectivity, the health team had to walk for
around 3 km [2 mi] to reach the areas. Of 3250 villages in the
district, 339 are without roads; 219 villages have never seen an
ambulance. Others avail ambulance only during fair weather. Of 219
inaccessible villages, 76 are in Patrapur block, 61 in Surada, 27 in
Dharakote, and 21 in Digapahandi.

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