PRO/ESP> Diphtheria – Peru: re-emergency, confirmed case, girl


A statement from>>
ProMED-mail is a program of>>
International Society of Infectious>>
Date: May 18,>>
Source: Mercopress,>>
[Edited by Jaime Torres]>>
The Ministry of Health of Peru confirmed this week a case>>
Diphtheria, 20 years since the last case was registered in>>
Country. The patient is a five-year-old girl who lives in an>>
Very poor in the center of Lima, he said at a press conference>>
Deputy Minister of Public Health,>>
The little girl, he added, had only received vaccines from birth,>>
But not the subsequent doses of reinforcement necessary to maintain>>
Immunity to this disease – treatable but highly contagious – that>>
Fades with>>
The girl is currently hospitalized and under>>
Doctor. His condition is stable. In the meantime, the authorities>>
Displaced work teams to the neighborhood where the girl lived>>
Investigate the situation and identify unvaccinated>>
Suárez also mentioned at the press conference that the>>
Panamericana de la Salud (PAHO) had warned this year of>>
Presence of cases of diphtheria in Brazil, Dominican Republic,>>
Haiti and>>
Communicated by: Jaime R. Towers

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