PRO/MENA> Crimean-Congo hem. fever – Iraq (05): MOH update / حمي القر م الكنغولية النزفي ة – العراق (5): تحديث وزا رة الصحة

CRIMEAN-CONGO HEMORRHAGIC FEVER – IRAQ (05): MOH UPDATE / حمي القرم الكنغولية النزفية – العراق (5): تحديث وزارة الصحة

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Date: Wed 24 May 2023
Source: Iraqi News Agency [in Arabic, trans. Mod.NS, edited]–139-20-.html

The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday [23 May 2023] the latest update on the number of infections and deaths from hemorrhagic fever. The ministry’s spokesman, Saif Al-Badr, said in a statement that “the last official number of hemorrhagic fever cases recorded since the beginning of the current year 2023 in Iraq is 139 cases, including 20 deaths.”

Al-Badr indicated that “the cases were distributed as follows: 40 cases and 6 deaths in Dhi Qar, 22 cases and 3 deaths in Basra, 11 cases and 3 deaths in Al-Muthanna, 9 cases and no deaths in Maysan, 9 cases and 1 death in Al-Najaf, 8 cases and 1 death in Wasit, 7 cases and 1 death in Al-Rusafa side of Baghdad, 7 cases with no deaths in Al-Karkh side of Baghdad, 5 cases with no deaths in Salah Al-Din, 5 cases and 1 death in Babel, 4 cases and 1 death each in Diyala and Al-Diwaniyah, 3 cases and 1 death Karbala, 2 cases with no deaths in Al-Anbar, and 1 case and 1 death in Erbil.”

Al-Badr added, “the ministry stresses the need to adhere to preventive measures,” noting that “this disease is a common disease between animals and humans, which affects livestock.” He continued, “most of the cases are among livestock breeders and butchers,” stressing “the need to pay attention to the early symptoms of this disease, which are high temperature and fatigue.”

He indicated, “if the disease is at an early stage in a person, the possibility of recovery is very high, but if the patient is late in visiting health institutions, the probability of death is very high.” He explained, “the primary role in combating hemorrhagic fever lies with the Ministry of Agriculture through combating the tick insect that transmits the disease,” calling on the Ministries of Interior and Municipalities to “address the issue of grazing, random slaughtering, and improperly transporting animals between cities and provinces.”

Al-Badr called on people to buy meat from authorized stores and livestock breeders to wear protective clothing and gloves. He stressed the necessity of good cooking of meat and paying attention to symptoms, especially in livestock breeders and butchers.

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