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Date: Sun 14 May 2023
Source: The Times of India (TOI), Times News Network (TNN) [edited]

Health officials in Ernakulam [district in Kerala State] said on [Sat
13 May 2023] that there is a rise in dengue cases in the district as
it continued to witness intermittent summer rains. On average, over 15
new cases are being reported daily.

Most of the dengue cases are reported from Thrikkakara and Perumbavoor
municipalities and panchayats such as Paipra and Choornikkara.

The district had seen a decline in dengue cases from February this
year [2023] after 478 probable cases were reported in January [2023].
It came down further to 238 probable cases in April [2023] and 58
confirmed cases. However, 141 probable and 46 confirmed dengue cases
were reported in just 12 days of May [2023]. While only 40 probable
dengue cases were reported till [5 May 2023], over 100 probable cases
were reported in the next 7 days in the district.

Health officials said that new dengue cases may spring up for a few
more days on account of the intermittent summer rains. A housing
colony in the Kalathikuzhy division of Thrikkakara witnessed an
outbreak of dengue cases. As many as 23 cases were reported from the
area in less than a month.

“Usually, more cases are reported from the Kochi corporation limits.
However, these days, municipalities and panchayats have been seeing an
uptick in cases. In Thrikkakara, we found dengue virus vectors
breeding in water-filled buckets in outdoors,” said a health

Thrikkakara municipality has decided to intensify fogging and spraying
of insecticide. The municipality will hold a meeting of health
officials to discuss the outbreak in Thrikkakara, which has been
reporting dengue cases often unlike other locations in the district.

Meanwhile, elected representatives in Thrikkakara said they will
launch awareness campaigns about the need to take up source reduction
activities or the removal of mosquito breeding habitats to bring down
mosquito population and reduce dengue cases.

“Dengue was first reported in 3 houses in the colony. Soon, people in
nearby houses too were infected with the dengue virus. Many patients
were hospitalized and 2 are currently in the ICU,” said Smitha Sunny,
ward councilor, Kalathikuzhy.

“Those infected with COVID-19 get dengue infection fast. Both the
patients in ICU have a history of contracting the coronavirus multiple
times,” she said.

[Byline: T.C. Sreemol]

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