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Date: Tue 3 Oct 2023 07:48 IST
Source: The Indian Express, Express News Services [edited]

With 201 dengue cases, Gurgaon [district in Haryana state] breached
the 200-mark on Monday [2 Oct 2023], with one death reported so far
this year [2023], officials said. As per the health department, around
75% of the cases required hospitalisations.

“It has surfaced that the main strain of virus is DENV 2 strain or D2,
which is more severe and virulent than the other strains. There are
daily awareness campaigns and inspections to check breeding. Situation
is under control now,” Gurgaon DSO Dr Jai Parkash said.

Charkhi Dadri [district in Haryana state] reported the most cases in
Haryana so far at 441 and Rewari [district] at 323. Two of the 16
cases recorded in the state on Monday [2 Oct 2023] were from Gurgaon.

Gurgaon CMO [Chief Medical Office] Dr Virender Yadav said, “Last year
[2022], number of cases were more and Gurgaon is not one among the 10
districts with the highest cases. There are 45 beds in the Civil
Hospital in Sector 10 and 10 each in Sohna, Farrukhnagar, and
Pataudi,” he added.

Among the 50 samples sent to ascertain the strain, Dr Yadav said, it
was found that most of them, 21, had DENV2. “We are awaiting the
results of 79 more samples,” he added. He said that the symptoms of
the strain of virus include sudden drop in platelet count, high fever,
headache, dengue hemorrhagic fever among others.

According to the health department, the most affected areas are
Wazirabad, PHC [Public Health Centre] Gurgaon, Garhi, Manesar,
Badshahpur and Bhangrola. The health bulletin stated that 152 cases
required hospitalisations, 104 at government institutions and 14 at
private ones, and 49 were treated in OPD [Outdoor Patient

Meanwhile, the malaria cases remain zero in the district. As part of
monitoring to check breeding, 16 614 notices were sent under the
municipal bye-laws. The department also issues directions on important
measures to be followed to battle dengue from time to time, along with
a list of Dos and Don’ts and common symptoms to watch out for.

In late August [2023], a 30-year-old man died from dengue, making it
the 1st death from the vector-borne disease in Gurgaon. The man, a
resident of Mahendragarh’s Ateli, was admitted to a private hospital
in Gurgaon on 17 Aug 2023 where he tested positive for dengue. He died
of dengue hemorrhagic fever on Tuesday.

[Byline: Aiswarya Raj]

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