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Date: Wed 18 Oct 2023
Source: India Today [edited]

Dengue cases are on the rise in Uttar Pradesh [UP]. The government
data indicates 24 deaths in the state so far. However, the toll would
increase if the data from private hospitals is also included.

Hospitals in most cities have admitted many dengue patients and are
witnessing new cases every day.

The number of dengue cases in UP has crossed 13 000, and Lucknow,
Moradabad, Meerut, Kanpur, and Noida [districts] are the hotspots. In
the last 24 hours, over 600 new dengue cases have been found in the

With the change in weather, the number of dengue patients may increase
further in the coming days. Besides, there has been a drop in
temperature due to rain in the state since [Mon 16 Oct 2023].

State Health Minister Brajesh Pathak has given instructions to
increase the number of beds in all hospitals. Private hospitals have
been directed to create separate wards for dengue patients.

In Lucknow, more than half of dengue patients in hospitals are in need
of dialysis and ventilator support. The beds in all major hospitals
are full of dengue patients, and the footfall is increasing day after

Along with dengue, cases of viral fever, malaria and typhoid are also
seeing a surge. Moreover, in the last 8 days, there have been 1080
fresh dengue cases in Lucknow, 1024 in Moradabad, and 923 in Kanpur.

Besides, 17 dengue patients have been found in Varanasi [district] and
7 in Gorakhpur [district].

However, according to UP Deputy CM [Chief Minister] Brajesh Pathak,
dengue cases are gradually declining. “Instructions have been given to
provide beds and medicines to ensure awareness and cleanliness; mass
participation is needed. The department is alert and every preparation
for medicine, beds, platelets, and staffing has been ensured,” he told
India Today.

Some dengue patients at the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (Civil) Hospital
spoke to India Today. “My platelet count had dropped to 26 000, but
has now gone up to 52 000,” said one patient.

Meanwhile, another patient said that his blood platelet count has now
gone up to 60 000. Normal blood platelet count in an adult should
range between 150 000 to 450 000 platelets per microliter of blood.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, in a high-level meeting at his
official residence on [Wed 18 Oct 2023], reviewed the implementation
of the Ayushman Bharat scheme [National Health Protection Scheme], the
status of under-construction medical colleges, and the efforts being
made for the prevention of dengue and gave necessary directions.

He directed that additional beds should be arranged in hospitals as
per requirement. “Be it a village or a city, not a single infected
patient should suffer due to lack of treatment. There must be regular
reporting of new patients in all government and private hospitals and
medical colleges, and it is necessary to make concrete efforts to
control the situation of outbreaks in the districts,” he said.

[Byline: Abhishek Mishra]

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