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Date: Mon 24 Jul 2023
Source: News7noida [abridged, edited]

Four children have died of diarrhea in different areas of the city
[Ghaziabad] in 72 hours. Out of these, the treatment of only one child
could be started at the Joint Hospital, while 3 children had died on
reaching the hospital. The parents of the 4 children were from poor
families. On Sunday [23 Jul 2023], 23 diarrhea patients were admitted
in the emergency of MMG Hospital and 14 in the United Hospital. Of
these, 90% of the patients were from poor families. In view of the
rapidly increasing patients, the CMO [Chief Medical Officer] has
directed to increase the stock of medicines for the treatment of
diarrhea in all CHCs [community health centers], PHCs [primary health
centers], and district hospitals.

2.5-month-old daughter of [S], a resident of New Hindon Vihar; [I],
6-month-old daughter of [A], a resident of Vijay Nagar; and [V], a
6-month-old daughter of [VN] were brought to the emergency of MMG
Hospital in critical condition on Friday [21 Jul 2023] night, and [M],
a one-year-old girl of [Z], a slum dweller in Govindpuram, was
declared dead on Saturday [22 Jul 2023] night at the United Hospital,
while [R], a 1.5-year-old girl child of Nasirpur resident [SK], died
after being referred from the United Hospital. All 4 children died
after vomiting and diarrhea for 2 days. The CMS of the hospital, Dr.
Manoj Kumar Chaturvedi, says that both the girls had died before
reaching the hospital.

CMO Dr. Bhavatosh Shankhdhar says that instructions have been issued
to Asha and Anganwadi [community health] workers to conduct surveys in
their respective areas and report patients related to fever and
diarrhea to CHCs and PHCs on time so that patients can be provided
treatment. The CMO says that the Malaria Department team is conducting
the survey under the Communicable Disease Control Campaign.

[Byline: Ekta]

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