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Date: Fri 19 May 2023
Source: Desh Gujarat [edited]

Two deaths due to rabies caused by stray dog bites were reported in
Surat within the last 12 hours.

The 1st incident involved an 18-year-old female named [J], who was
bitten by a stray dog 6 months ago. [J] had received an anti-rabies
vaccine after the incident but did not complete the full course of
treatment. Unfortunately, she developed rabies 6 months later and was
admitted to the new civil hospital. However, her family members
decided to take her back home without consulting a doctor. [J] passed
away at her home on Thursday [18 May 2023] morning.

In another case, a 55-year-old man [MGP] was in a critical condition
near Gandhibagh circle. He was immediately admitted to the new civil
hospital via a 108 ambulance. Upon examination, it was discovered that
he had rabies. Despite undergoing treatment, [MGP] succumbed to the
illness yesterday morning [18 May 2023]. The doctors performed a
post-mortem on him while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)
at the new civil hospital.

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