TEH Promise — A Father’s Prayer

Tonight my son is sick again with a high fever that has not been localized yet after a week with multiple doctor visits. We are by God’s grace insured and living in the wealthiest country in the world. However, despite our good fortune I am still in the dark now and entirely at the mercy that eventually we will find a provider that can put the pieces together before my son gets any sicker or his infection escalates any further.

If this was still the COVID-19 Emergency I would have a lot more surveillance data and information to support my family with my son’s case, but we don’t live in that time and place anymore. We are back in the cold, dark, night scrounging around the wastelands of free available health information for fathers and mothers with sick kids hoping for the miracle of a better day in healthcare where the parent and provider know the same about the hazards in their environment and surest ways to heal and protect all of our families.

All of which I share because even though this parent is powerless tonight to do anything but take his precious child to the ER again and pray for a miracle, it is the mission of The Epinhood to

bring the surveillance data from the people back to the people because the diseases that plague us are only going to get more challenging in our lifetime, and we have too many tools to suffer like this any longer. We deserve so much better than this.

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