The Science of Attribution to Me, Now

These days I think way too much about anthropogenic global warming emergencies and how much trouble my boys are in and all the animals and natural beauty and magical wellsprings of life at stake.

I think about all the historical precedent, statistics, and scientific consensus we have right in front of us: map and compass — to predict our collapse. The damning heat all around us, the collapsing ice, the atmospheric rivers, the fires.

Then I consider all the people already in the crucible and still more all the intuitive and empathetic people weeping for them, for us.

However it was COVID-19, and the the refrigerator trucks for bodies that taught this Epi the truth. We will try to stop climate catastrophes and fail until we experience them ourselves in a way that matters to our heart and bottom line. Until we fully appreciate what is coming, what is here for so many now, we will hesitate.

I think that’s why President Roosevelt had so many rationing policies during WWII. I think that’s why they had a draft. Well just to put things in perspective, the climate change emergency is an equal threat. It’s also equal to COVID-19 and all of the other Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases Combined. It’s also equal to greatest world recession we have ever known.

Think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

The climate change emergency will cut off our air, water, power, destroy our our environment and dwellings — there goes the basement.

The heat effects and scarcity of finite life sustaining resources along with massive population displacement will ignite unrest on a scale many of us outside of a Service have never encountered. There goes our safety.

Our possessions will burn and wash away, or family members and friends will die from exposure to extreme weather and unrest. Thus our heart will perish too.

When nature is shoving your face in the dirt ever day or soaking you to the bone, making it so you can’t even sweat to cool yourself down and your own built environment can be harmful too if not completely reengineered to keep up with the hazards, we’ll all that confidence and esteem we had when average life expectancy was exceeding 80 will vanish too.

Extreme heat and other similar forces will shut cognition down real quick.

I honestly don’t remember aesthetics being part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Look at the area around a wildfire or flood, is that aesthetically pleasing?

This is the saddest one. Yes, there will be a decreasing percentage of self actualized at the top of the heap as archaeological records always reveal. They will live out their fantasy to the very end of their time and then be subsumed by millions around them sweltering invisibly in the shadows of their indifference, even though they they had everything theoretically they needed to save the world.

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