US Healthcare Should Be Run By The Fire Department

I will never forget the story. About a Century ago my grandfather was a baby and his young parents lived in Bakersfield, CA. His dad became a firefighter in WWI on the old iron ships and when he came home he became a firefighter for oil drilling company. Keep in mind it would 50 years before EMS was even an idea. Anyway the legend goes it was summer and hot, not like hot now but still hellish and my grandmother walked up to her new healthy baby’s crib and he wasn’t breathing so she called their 911 service — my great grandfather—who ran back to the house without missing a beat, took his son, started CPR, cooled his head did more CPR until my grandfather came back to life. Then he kissed his wife and went back to the oil rig to finish his shift. Folks I know the fires and floods and plagues are coming, but we can go out as heroes or even prevail. We do need to be prepared though and it will take a lot more compassion and grit.

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